A new (temporary) hunt

Due to the logistics of the impending move to British Columbia from Alberta for my work, we had a plan in place, but need to adjust it.

Originally, we were going to move to Vancouver Island, live with my parents for perhaps a year in order to aggressively save money to buy a house.
My company wants me to move directly to Vancouver. While my job allows me to work from home, I do need to go into client offices, or meet with them occasionally. My company feels that I’ll be more involved in Vancouver than I have been in Calgary.
It makes sense, and I do agree with them. It just throws a big wrench in our financial plans. 
So, in order to accommodate the company and my plans, we will still move to the Island, but I’ll be looking for a campervan for now. During the week when I’m needed in the city, I’ll stay in the city. Weekends, and if planning permits, I’ll be on the island with my family.
Once we have enough money saved, we can buy our fifth wheel and all live in the city, where we’ll still aggressively save money. The bonus on this new plan is that we will still be keeping to what we planned before this job came along.
Once we own everything outright, it really doesn’t matter what I do for work as long as I bring in enough to feed us and pay the bills. 
Who knows, we may choose to stay and buy a home. Time will tell.
If anyone knows of a good, clean, campervan similar to what I used to have, but with a bathroom, ( in BC) let me know!

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