What a pain…

I’ve realized that I am supposed to be moving to BC in two months, and I have not yet saved up for a campervan.

I’ve been looking at what’s for sale, and honestly, some people are asking a lot for what they’re offering. That’s just the way it goes though.

So, now I am looking into getting something soon, and I was hoping to locate something that has already been registered in BC, but the pickings are very slim throughout that whole province. Alberta on the other hand has loads for sale.

So, now it’s down to what I need for my several month stay on my own in beautiful Vancouver. I’ve been looking at the option of even renting a room somewhere, but I honestly do not like the idea of staying in a place with strangers, where if I am out of the house, they could wander into my stuff. It’s happened before, and I’m sure it’ll happen again. Once I even found dirty underwear under my bed because the roommates buddy was bringing girls over and screwing on my bed when I was out.


So, here’s what I am looking for. This is more for me to keep it right in my head, as I am inclined to add more and more to the list as I look for things, and eventually not look at something that works.

Aside from the obvious things like a bed, and a kitchen, I need a furnace, and a bathroom would be ideal. Holding tanks for water (fresh, grey, and black), a decent sized fridge that holds more than a six pack.

The vehicle needs to be in sound condition, and not a fixer-upper. I won’t have the time to worry about resealing a leaky roof, or engine repairs. It needs to pass inspection, and be legally on the road when I buy it.

I need to make sure I have room for a house battery. Preferably two or more house batteries. I am a techno-junkie, and need electricity for work, and for relaxing with a movie, or chatting with family over Skype.

It needs to be a reasonable price. $4000 for a 1972 Vandura that has original everything… is not reasonable. No work has been done to it, why would I pay you that much money for a 40 year old vehicle?

I’d like to stick with a camper van, so I could potentially use it as a daily driver as well. Just like I did with my old van, but if not, I’d prefer a smaller motor home that doesn’t look like a nasty rig that may get turned away from RV parks.

I need to get things in order, and get saving as fast as possible if I don’t want to sleep on the streets when I get to Vancouver. Yikes. Two months to go… I basically need to save $1500 a month to buy a decent older RV.

And the race is on.

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