A victim of theft

Someone actually stole my license plate…

Really? This is a thing?

Today, the guy from the registration office wandered onto my site. I poked my head out since a shadow wandered across my window. He said he was looking for a missing RV and was checking plates.

Okay, strange, but whatever.

Moments later, I get a knock on the door:

Him: “Hey, you need to make sure you have a valid plate on the RV when parked here. It’s for insurance reasons.”
Me: “I have a plate. It’s an Alberta plate with another month left on the registration before I switch to BC.”
Him: “Oh? Where? I don’t see one.”
Me: “What? It’s right….. where the hell is my plate?”

Good thing I had taken a picture of the plate when I needed to register, so even the registration building is partially in the picture. When I got to the registration office, the guy and another were talking, and they both believe they know exactly where my plate went, but since it’s part of another matter, they can’t tell me specifically. They apologized, and assured me it wouldn’t be happening again. Presumably because the bastard that stole my plate has left the park.

Now I need to file a police report for a stolen plate, and my plans for switching to BC plates has been bumped up a full month and a half.

The jackass even took the bolts…


Got the police file completed. The lady at the RCMP had to call me back for more information because basically, Alberta is a different planet compared to BC. In BC, your plate also contains information about your insurance. Basically, your plate IS your insurance.

In Alberta, the plate and insurance are two separate entities, and have nothing to do with each other. It took a couple tries for her to understand that my insurance expires in July, but my plate expires in April. It made no sense to her at all, and she laughed the whole time at how weird it was. lol

All in all, it was a good experience as I’m laughing at the absurdity of having my license plate stolen, and she’s laughing at the absurdity of Alberta insurance and registration practices.

Tomorrow, I’m off to get my new insurance, registration and drivers license for BC, and will “officially” become a resident of British Columbia. Sooner than I had planned, but now a necessity.

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