Cause of leak located

So, today, I had to get that water leak fixed. I want coffee, and I don’t want to be trudging outside to a hose every time I need water.

So I grabbed my screw driver, turned off the propane, burnt off the remaining gas in the range, and started unscrewing the screws that have the range and oven secured to the frame of the RV. I was able to slide the whole thing out a ways and locate my issue almost immediately. It’s a pipe to the bathroom, and was very loose.

This also explains why I found green electrical tape inside the hose of the old shower head. Folks, I’m no plumber, but I’m pretty certain that ELECTRICAL tape isn’t meant for your plumbing. There is this other crazy tape, it’s even called PLUMBERS tape.

It’s what is used to connect stuff together, and prevent a water leak. Glad I always keep some of that stuff on hand.

So I removed the electrical tape, which as it so happened, was also completely blocking the pipe. I’m not too sure when this occurred as I was able to use both taps in the bathroom for this past week.

Next, I put a healthy dose of plumbers tape on the one side, fit it back into the plastic connection, and retightened the fasteners. Then turn the water back on slowly. No leaks!

So, now, as I’m looking at all this jury-rigged mess. I’m looking into just replacing all the copper pipes with some updated plumbing material, and eliminating the weak points such as this plastic section that became a weak point and caused a flood.

Little by little, this old girl will end up being a brand new RV I think…

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