An interesting first day.

Today, we moved the RV to where we’ll stay for about a month, which is at a family members home. It’s a very good thing that this was already the plan as well as we had some electrical issues that almost didn’t allow us to get here.

We moved 8.4km from where we were originally parked, and it was a less than ideal drive. First, we drove to the local CO-OP gas station, and just as I was pulling in, I noticed smoke begin to billow out of the engine. I pulled into a spot and shut the engine off right away. Popped the hood, and discovered that one of the wires had burned through. The wire that burned/melted is required to actually start the engine, and without it, we have zero power to the engine.

As a quick fix, after filling the tires with air, we bridged the wires quickly with some cable I had in the RV. Just a quick connection, and the disconnect. This allowed us to get to our next stop, which was a family members home.

Shortly after, I messaged my friend, the mechanic, about the issue. As not only did this happen, the engine is running worse than is was before we did some work on it. I have a feeling that it’s due to this burned out wire, but we also replaced a push rod, and I wonder if the timing is now severely off. We’ll figure it out.

I’m just happy that all of these issues are happening before we are 100km from the nearest town!

So, we are stuck. Thankfully, we are stuck already parked at our first stop where we are not paying hundred of dollars in camping fees, and not allowed to work on the RV.

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