Move out completed!

Well, we are utterly exhausted.

Today, we handed back the keys to our three bedroom home to the landlord. This past week and a bit has been filled with constant trips to the storage unit for the things we’re holding onto, as well as trips to the dump for the two dozen bags of garbage that we had. When you’re getting ready to move into an RV, it’s amazing all the trinkets you decide are better off in the trash.

We dropped off a couple boxes of books at the local second hand shop as well as some other things. We even dropped a bunch of stuff on the lawn with a “Free” sign, and that cleared up a lot as well.

Then came the cleaning, and scrubbing, and finally loading up stuff into the RV and the SUV that we still need to go through, but didn’t have a chance.

We did hit a snag though already. The way I had the RV parked had it resting a couple tires on grass, which was slightly inclined. So, the front tire popped it’s bead. The spare tire is now on, but I need to get the other tire repaired, asap. Then, we discovered that the power steering assembly is broken, and was spewing fluid out.

Talk about a bunch of crummy things happening all at once!

Our wonderful friends were over, and one is a mechanic, so he was able to source the part from a yard in Victoria, and have it delivered. It should be here in Nanaimo on Monday or Tuesday. Phew!

Our journey is so close to starting that even though we are tired, we are excited!

Stay tuned!

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