Blogger Stats – Actually rather interesting

So I was mucking about on the blog since all I can do is post. Have been unable to log in. Well, I can log into the dashboard, but if I go to view a blog (including my own) I’m not logged in. The forums are showing many people are having the same issue. Anyways, I clicked on the “Stats” button for this blog, and was surprised to find that I have readers in Russia and Ukraine (I’m second generation Canadian, but my family comes from Ukraine), and even China! I also have had hits from iPhone, and PlayStation 3. Very cool. People are checking me out from unconventional devices 🙂

It’s so fascinating to see what brings people to your blog. Several hit from google searches, so I checked out one of the searches “Canadian Van Dwellers”, and I’m #7 on the list currently. That’s a very cool thing to me. In order to bring up my stats, I want to start blogging more about the van, and upgrades that are moving along.

As an FYI, stay tuned. Next month I’ll be picking up a couple things, and starting to update the van 🙂

Thought I would share since I found it so interesting.

Pageviews by Countries
United States 697
Canada 315
United Kingdom 176
Australia 43
China 20
Germany 16
Ukraine 15
Russia 14
Sweden 10
Ireland 8

Pageviews by Operating Systems
Windows 1,163 (84%)
Macintosh 154 (11%)
iPhone 27 (1%)
Other Unix 15 (1%)
Linux 10 (<1%)

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