A Hydrogen Generator

Surfing this forum that I am on, someone asked about HHO Conversions for a vehicle. There’s not a lot of information out there on these, and everone seems to be selling kits, or really expensive How-To’s. I decided once when I came across it to buy one with some money I had sitting in my PayPal account from a couple years back, and it was a $10 buy for a really really basic Hydrogen generator. It’s composed of a couple mason jars, and assortment of other stuff to get it running. I don’t know if it’ll work or not, and I have to build and test it out yet.

The idea (of this one at least) is that the generator produces Hydrogen, which is pumped into the engine through vacumn lines as you need to hook this up to existing vacumn lines going into your engine. This would be pretty useless in a place where winter is often below freezing, but you could save money in the spring, summer, and fall (if it actually works).

I’m curious, has anyone ever built a Hydrogen Generator? How did it work for you? Did it actually help save gas? Living in a van, you can consume a lot of fuel, and with the cost of gas going up to near unaffordable prices these days, every bit counts.

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