Crabbing, relaxation, and dinner

We finally got around to getting our salt water fishing licenses for this year. It’s great, for about $26CDN, we can catch pretty much everything. Salmon is as additional small fee, which we can get right away, or later on.

Today, we decided we needed to get out of the house that we are watching over, and go crabbing. Being a weekday, the pier was nice and quiet, only a couple others out. This gave us plenty of room to start, as our aim is off since its been so long since we were able to go out. In this area, we are permitted two traps in the water each, and allowed to take home four crabs each, of legal size of course.

Last year, we were able to catch primarily Dungoness Crab, and occasionally Red Rock Crab. Today, we walked away with three Red Rock, and one Dungoness. We caught probably 30 or so, in order to find those four we could keep, but it’s quite an enjoyable, and relaxing sport. 

We use a crab trap that is a spring trap. Our bait (chicken) is placed in the bag attached in the center, and once it’s tossed out and drops to the ocean floor, the trap opens up. Once we want to check it, the line attached to the trap pulls the sides closed, and holds the crabs (or other things) in.

We have caught jellyfish, and starfish in the past, and today was no exception. We caught a starfish this time around, and Princess sent it back to the water after a quick look at it.

Princess loves Crab. First it was just looking at them, and then touching them, and finally holding them. Then, she finally took the plunge and tried some, after that, she would take the meat right out of your hand to eat. She loves crab that much now!

There were even some very young crabs that we caught, and obviously need to go back, but some were small enough that Princess was okay with holding them.

Going home to cook these was exciting! We got home, and cooked them up. I had forgotten just how delicious they are!

And time to eat!

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