RV is up and running

The other day, I mentioned that the RV just up and quit working for some reason. We had a recommendation for a reader to check the signal ballast, but it turns out that wasn’t the case as we were not even able to crank the starter. So my good friend, The Mechanic, popped over with a volt meter to test if there was power coming from the battery to the starter or not. He gets all hooked up, crawls under the RV to the starter, and I turn the key.


Well, that was not what we were expecting! It scared my friend, and confused us both. So we think that there may have been a dead spot on the starter, but we can’t be certain. Either way, the RV roars to life, and runs beautifully everytime that we turn the key.

Now, we wait until after the following weekend after next to start our journey. We would be heading out right away, but Miya’s birthday plans got affected by the weather. She turned three yesterday, and originally, the weather was supposed to be very warm and sunny, and then it changed to cold and wet. This means that our plan to have her birthday at the local water park was changed to an indoor event first weekend in June.

We still have a few kinks to rub out, but we are nearly on the road!

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