Crazy Quiet Lately

Things have been ultra quiet on this blog for the past few months, I know.

There’s been a temporary change in our living situation. That coupled with my work, and children demanding every minute of every day has held this blog back. By the time that the children are in bed, and I have time to work on this blog, I am so tired that I don’t.

So, here is a long awaited update on what the Nomadic Family is doing!


Starting October 1st, we began to housesit for my mother in-law (Megan’s mother) for the year that she is staying in Calgary. In this time, we are working on the few things that we feel would make life more comfortable in the RV. One of the biggest things is moving the kitty litter box to one of the outside compartments. It’s connected to the inside by a storage space that is under the bed, and never used. This will free up the bathroom, where the litter box has been residing. I’ll post pictures once I get the time to actually go out and cut the last door.

I’m also planning on building some storage in the bathroom for Megan’s makeup, and the random things that need to be stored inside. We also need a spot for the cat food and water dish that is out of reach of Liam.

Speaking of Liam, I’m building him a brand new bed! While Miya’s bedroom is in the loft, Liam’s will be the cab. Basically, the front of the RV becomes bunkbeds! The previous owner had built a bed across the two seats in the cab, and I forgot to grab that board, but I’ll be building something better. It’ll block off the steering wheel, but give him more space than even the crib he currently sleeps in, in this house.

We’ve been staying in the MIL’s house for a month now, and it’s almost a daily basis that Miya tells us how she hates being in the house, and wants to go back to the RV. So, this weekend, her and I will spend some time in the RV cleaning it up, and making the changes required to make it just that little extra comfortable.

In other news, we have built Megan’s business into not only a website, but business cards! She recently became a Green Status Presenter with Younique, and there is no stopping the whirlwind that she has become! I’m handing out business cards like you wouldn’t believe! The idea that an MLM could ever produce results was foreign to me, and Megan has proven me wrong.


Help support her business by buying the best makeup you can imagine, ad not supporting those big box stores. This makeup has no nasty chemicals, has never been tested on animals, it’s hypoallergenic as well!

Her site is called BelladonnaBeauties. You can find her on the website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and we are still building her presence properly on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow Megan’s Facebook page and watch as not only she does live video, but I jump in there as well!

Also, we are having a Black Friday sale! Follow Megan to get amazing deals, and even FREE makeup!

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