Website is getting updated.

In preparation for our re-launch in March, I’m updating the website. Sadly, everything I tried previously just ruined the site. So, I tried to export the data, and then import onto a new installation. This should be easy, sadly, it is not. The import file is restricted to 2mb. Seriously? My export file was 5+mb. So, in order to get everything back, I can either re-insert the full backup and just deal with it, or re-add all posts. I chose the latter, because it was less of a problem when it comes to proper updates. This however, means that I lose ALL my comments on posts over the past several years…

The other bonus on doing this, allows me to create a website AND blog, rather than just a blog. This will open up a lot more resources for me in the coming years, while maintaining a fluid website. Any long time readers will recognise that this blog came from BlogSpot first, and moved into a domain.

Oh well, there’s little to be done about it.

Anyways, over the coming days/weeks, I’ll be slowly adding all the posts back, so you may find that there are some posts missing. Hang tight, as they will be back soon enough!

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