Dealing with the stress of wanting to go NOW

Yesterday, I worked from home as I do twice a week and I was sitting out on my deck while my daughter played in her little kiddie pool. It was a great day. We played, and cleaned and I was just happy.

It made me really want to get going now, not next year, and now today I have some anxiety about having to stay for at least another nine months in one place. Aside from that, we’re making sure to budget and get our bills paid and that is making me think about all that money and how it could actually go to us instead of others. Seriously, rent, utilities, assorted bills…. Rent could be our monthly payments on our trailer, utilities could be filling a propane tank and the sun giving us free electricity. Water is typically free if you fill up somewhere with a hose. Then there’s gas for the vehicle.

Assorted bills would be whatever debt we’re still paying off, and insurance. Previously, when I was in my van, I wrote a post about my expenses, and how it came out to something like $300 a month, $300 versus $2000+ now.

Which seems like a no-brainer? Imagine taking that extra $2000 a month and putting it into your own family. Our remaining debts could be paid off in a couple months instead of a couple years. We could take our children out to places and not be stuck at home because we can’t afford it in the budget.

Every year, the cost of everything goes up, and it almost never goes back down, but the wages stay the same. Making it more and more difficult to live happy. Instead of happy, there is stress and anger. There is working longer hours and both spouses needing to work 40+ hours a week just to barely make ends meet. The rise of the daycare came from the fact that people could no longer afford to have one parent at home, and daycares cost as much as rent.

We’re still in our process, and as we are locked into a lease until May 2015, there is nothing we can do to get out sooner. It’s just a matter of trying to remain sane and calm during this time.

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