Getting rid of “stuff”

Today I posted about 20 ads on (Canada’s version of craigslist, only way better) of stuff we are selling. Occasionally, I’m sure that we will start to get emotional over certain “stuff”, but right now, we’re getting rid of a lot of stuff that we either do not use or won’t once we move.

As we have until next year to complete this process, adding stuff to our “keep” pile has been easy, and some we know we will be getting rid of, but we have to think on it more. Some things may get stored with family that we cannot part with, but can’t keep with us. Such as the elephant statues my wife has which she loves, or our daughters hand carved rocking elephant from Thailand where she lived for four years as a child and rode it often.

I’ve gotten a few hits so far on things, but this is really a hit and miss deal as many will be interested but never follow through unless it’s nearly free or even free. People are cheap, I understand and can’t really fault them, but boy is it irritating when I’m offering something for 20% it’s actual value and people still scoff at it.

Honestly, if you happen across my ads, know that I am trying to build a fund for our new home, and I’m not being greedy. Everything is vastly cheaper than in the store.

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