First day in the RV

Here’s a little something I took today. I was driving past Sicamous, BC, and I came to the top of the hill and I had to stop.

Just look at this. This province is so beautiful.

Today, I set off on the new journey to my new home city of Vancouver. I’ve stopped for the night in Kamloops, and even found a place to plug in. This is where I get to finally fully tinker with everything and see what works and what doesn’t.

So far, the prognosis is good, all the lights work (I tested that last night), and I just got the furnace running, so I’ll sleep warm tonight! The fridge won’t stay lit on LP, but will start. That tells me that I need to clean it’s mechanics. No biggy, I’ll do that once i’m settled in my campground in Vancouver.

Going through the mountains ate up a massive amount of my finances in fuel. Even doing only between 80-90km/hr, there’s a LOT of climbing. When I filled in Calgary, it cost me $148 to fill both gas tanks at a price of 83.4 cents a litre. I put another $125 at $1.15 per litre in Revelstoke, 413km away. I went through 3/4 of a tank between Calgary and Golden. It was pricey in Golden, so I continued on.

Still, I knew it would hurt me going through the mountains, but I didn’t expect this much hurt! I really need to get the engine checked out. The trip through the mountains ate up most of my planned finances. First time in an RV going through the mountains. The things you learn!

I Skyped with my wife tonight once I got settled, and then my daughter woke up, so I got to see her too. I can’t tell you how much I miss them already, but I am excited to get them out to BC as soon as possible!

It’s weird being here on my own without my family. It’s exciting at the same time, I’ve been wanting to get back into an RV ever since I moved out of my van. It’s so nice, and I have everything I need. I have a bed, a table, kitchen, bathroom (toilet AND shower), fridge, sink, stove, water, sewer, etc. A person really doesn’t need much more.

I have all my basics taken care of, and where ever I choose to park, is where my home is.

That is freedom folks.

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