T-Minus Three Days

I leave for Vancouver this Saturday. For the past few months, it seemed such a long ways away, and now I only have a few days left with my family. This week has provided me with not only a demand on my time from my family, but from my clients. The past couple days have been spent studying, and working on client computers. Tonight was the first night I spent with my daughter this week, and that really sucks.

Most of the problems I am encountering are easily handled remotely, but my clients have trouble with the internet and technology, which forces me to actually go into their areas instead. I’ve been slowly converting all of my clients over to TeamViewer in order to make my life easier, but even walking certain clients through that process has been hard. Some have clicked the first link they saw in google which gave them malware, others can’t even get to the website for who knows what reason…

These are things that wouldn’t normally bother me, but it’s all happening in the final week before I move away from my family, and I want to spend time with them, not clients. I know what many are thinking, just tell my clients tough. My clients are mostly businesses, and being offline means they are losing money by the hour, so it’s not that easy sadly…

Alright, enough of the venting, even though I restrained myself from mentioning the greedy mother-in-law the best I could…

I just went out to start the RV, in order to make sure that it was still good. That starting battery is most certainly dead. There’s another $80 to tally up on the already expanding expense list. Grr. I’ll be heading over to Canadian Tire to buy a new battery in the next day or so. I was hoping to use that money for a second deep cycle, but now that will have to wait.

No matter though, I have been in contact with a campground and will be finalizing my spot with them shortly. It’ll cost me just under $800/month to stay there, and thankfully, they only bill in two week increments, so I can leave after two weeks if the place sucks. I’ll let you know!

While I will be missing my family, I am so happy to get away from this place, and this city. In this house, I deal with a greedy mother in-law who would be happy to see her children on the streets if it meant she got more money to feed her shopping addiction, and her weird need to make people feel like shit. She says things in a way to evoke emotions right when a person feels they are finally being strong. I’m not talking about just me, and my sisters death, I’m talking about how my sister in-law is the sole surviver of a mass murder, and greedy needs to keep reminding everyone of it a year later.

I need to stop there about her. I need to be as civil as I can be. I’m better than that.

Thanks for listening to the vent.

A few days from now, there will be a lot of writings, and a lot of pictures. Stay tuned!

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