Floor is installed, working on trim

It’s been a tough go trying to get everything ready in the RV with a teething infant, and a sick toddler. We’re ever so slowly making headway, and the results look amazing indeed!

Once I have all the trim cut to size, we’ll be staining it, and then nailing it in. I’m stuck using a mitre saw for this, and after a couple hours, it’s pretty hard on the arm, even though the trim is easy enough to cut. It’s 11/16×11/16. Larger than I probably needed, but I wanted to make sure that there was no gap if the flooring expands and contracts, or possibly shifts while the RV is in motion. All of which I’m told shouldn’t happen, but you never know.
This is one of the last big steps needed for the interior prior to leaving, as we can paint while in it. That’s what I did before, and it worked just fine.
Last bit is to find a wingnut for the new tap on one side, as the one that comes with it is large and covers one of the spots that holds a bolt that secures the entire sink to the counter.
That’ll be in another post!

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