“I had fun Daddy”, The reason to live Full Time.

If there was ever a moment that I needed, in order to know that what we are doing is right… Tonight was it.

Today we scrambled cleaning our three bedroom upper suite so that our landlord could show it to eight different groups in the hopes of renting it out for May 1st. We left, and our landlord was a little surprised that we were leaving, rather than staying and watching anyone coming through. I guess its a different mentality in BC. In Alberta, the landlord wants you no where near the property while they show it.

We drove down to the bay, and walked along the SeaWall, and while walking, we saw the foot ferry coming back from Protection Island and decided to hop on it and have dinner over there.

It was 20C today, blue skies, and calm waters. We took the ferry across and sat outside on the patio of the Dinghy Dock. We figured we would stay for a quick dinner and a drink, then head back, but we decided against rushing, and had some fun.

Miya and Liam had a blast fishing in the fishing hole that’s specially made for kids right in the patio, and my wife and Miya enjoyed some time sticking their feet in the water.

Later, Miya and I did the same, and holy smokes, that it some super cold water right now! It took Miya all of one bob of the dock to get her sea legs and no longer worry about the movement of the entire area. The Dingy Dock and everything surrounding it is actually just floating on the water, so if any ship moves past too fast and creates a wake, everything rocks.


Miya even made a friend with another girl her age that’s from Edmonton, Alberta. They shared a pretty big hug and even corn (that was supposed to be for fishing).

We had the best burgers we have had since moving to BC last year, and I recommend going there for not only the experience, but the food. My wife says the Fish and Chips are amazing as well.

After we docked back on the Nanaimo side, we stopped for an ice cream, and then headed home. While getting Miya ready for bed and snuggling her, she looked at me and said, “I had fun. I had fun, daddy.”, and then went to sleep.

Experiences are what life is about. My daughter loved our little outing today, and we will have so many more outings soon. We’ll be able to afford these outings, and in so many different places.

Collect memories, not things. Your children will thank you for it.

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