Full-Timing with Young Children

Not too long ago, I wrote about Starting out with children – what’s not told. It occurred to me that this is actually a pretty big thing. Something that can be a defining moment, and for some, maybe even a deal breaker if people are not prepared.

Nearly every full time family blog that I have ever read, the RV is nearly pristine, the kids are happily studying their homeschooling courses, or reading a book. Even a “normal” S&B family doesn’t have that.

I want to give you a look at what being a full time family is like, “behind the scenes” (Disclaimer: This is our family, and your results may vary). This is the stuff to expect that could happen, and to not stress out because you see all these families having a great time with super clean RV’s, happy children, and awesome looking memories.

It is NOT all rainbows and sunshine dear readers.

As I noted in the first post, the routine is broken, and your kids are going to be annoyed. There will be crying. There will be sass. There will be times where you think to yourself that selling (hell, even donating) them to the zoo is a logical choice. This is very similar to living in an S&B, just more intense because you no longer have your own “safe space” to run to.

My wife is a stickler for a clean home. Seriously. The kids eat a little dirt, and we need to wipe them down within a couple minutes. Usually within the first 10 seconds of her noticing. Me? I grew up on a farm, dirt is good for you. Get dirty.

Kids keep you busy. If you thought you were busy in an S&B, you would be mostly mistaken. Now you’re living in something even smaller. Something that your one year old can crawl from one side to the other in like, what? 15 seconds?

That pile of freshly washed clothing? Looked nice and tiny on your bed, but in an RV… it’s a mountain. Add a toddler to the mix and you look like a slob. Below is fresh clothing I took out of the dryer maybe five minutes earlier, but we needed the hamper for the next load. Princess wanted to watch her show on the bed. This means that everything needs to be level-ish.


Goober, is on the other side in his playpen, demanding to be fed even more Avocado., in a very vocal manner. You can even see him eyeballing it…


In between, I am trying to write this blog post, and Megan is trying to run her business as well.

They’re going to love playing with the appliances, they’re going to struggle to open those cabinets (thankfully, they have interesting latches because it moves), they’re going to be into absolutely everything. Why? It’s new, and it’s time for them to explore. No matter if your kid is a year old, or 15 years old. They want to explore this new home.

Don’t fret!!

They will love it. Our kids love it, and while we were house sitting, Miya asked us nearly daily to go back to the RV. The kids both slept through the night every night after we went back into the RV.

The good, outweighs the supposed “bad” by so much that it can barely be measured.

Don’t fret, and never give up.

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