Happy Easter!

Happy Easter (or Ēostre)!

Today was an absolutely magnificent day here in Tofino. We reached temperatures that allowed us to forgo the sweaters, and enjoy time at the beach. We had a fantastic visit with my father, my youngest brother and his girlfriend, and my eldest son. Poor Megan is so tiny compared to my family!

Left to Right: Dominique, James, Alan, Megan


A walk along the beach, climbing rocks, and checking out some tidal pools for the life inside were in store. As per usual, I missed getting pictures…however, we found plenty of sea anemone, hermit crabs, shore crabs (one with eggs, which we put back carefully), a sea star, and a few fish. There were of course the standard muscles, and barnacles everywhere as well.

We sat about and chatted about several things, including some unfortunate news that forced my mother to miss the visit as she had to fly to Alberta for an emergency. It also appears that after all the work that has gone into our SUV, that silly engine code just won’t go away. Even attempting to re-flash the computer failed, meaning that we most likely need a replacement computer. This SUV is going to be basically brand new by the time it’s fully fixed.

The kids were elated to see the family, and loved their Easter gifts as well. Especially the chocolate!

We enjoyed a less typical dinner, but a very welcome one of burgers, salad, pop, and pie, and then went down to the beach for a little while to let the kids play and get some pictures. Some of which turned out great!

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Once we said our goodbyes, and our family was off, it was tidying up, laundry, and closing the pool down.

All in all, another perfect day in this amazing life.


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