Looking for your review of these products

So, as we need to update and get other things for the RV, we’re going through Amazon to see what we should buy. I’d like your opinion’s on some of these products. Have you used them? Are they good?

I created this as a wishlist so that it’s not just sitting in a cart. This way, I can go through and buy what we need, change the list up, and if a birthday gift idea is needed, here is a list!  There’s been a few times I’ve seen something that would be great to have, and then completely forgotten about it, thus having issues finding it later. This should prevent that from happening now!

It’s pretty exciting to even just window shop for our home, and creating our wishlist means we have goals for savings to make our home even better. For example, one item on the list is a solar powered porch light with motion sensor. We have a porch light, but it’s broken, and we also have no way to turn it on. Having a solar powered light with motion sensor means that it’s only on when needed, and doesn’t need to be remembered.

Our neighbour sometimes forgets to turn off their porch light, and it’s rather bright in our RV, even with the curtains drawn. This would negate that issue for others.

Click here to view our wishlist and tell us what you think of some of the products and if we should get them, or something different.

The Nomadic Family Amazon Wishlist



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