Help me out? Even a bit?

So, I have mentioned it in passing in the past, but I am trying to build my webhosting up so that I can finally bring in extra cash, and eventually replace my work for someone else career.

The biggest thing preventing us from properly fulltiming and living our lives is that my job requires me to be in a general location. We can not ever leave where we are as long as I work for someone else.

I started this project a couple years back, and it got put on hold as my daughter was born, and my money and time needed to go to more immediately important things.

Well, in the three weeks since my family and I moved to Nanaimo, I’ve been out with them spending time once. That was yesterday for Father’s Day.

I don’t want to do that again. I want to be there with my family. It is the one driving factor in my life that makes me truly happy.

A lot of people want to be able to spend more time with family, but few have the ability to properly act on it. I do.

My webhosting is focused on a niche’, but it open to all. In order to fully complete, and launch the webhosting, I need to be able to finish purchasing the remaining domain names I need. Sorry, I can’t say what they are. I don’t want them bought out from under me, and then offered back to me at $2000 a pop like once before. I was once stupid enough to mention an idea and a domain name that worked which was available. Someone bought it for the $10 it was worth, and asked for $2000 for it. Needless to say, he could keep it.

I’m offering rewards through my GoFundMe page for anyone interested. There’s also a simple $25 donation for no reward if so inclined. Heck, if anyone is so inclined, they don’t even need to collect the rewards I have.

Have a look, share the page, and help a family man out if you can! Every little bit helps.

My GoFundMe page to change my life.

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