A look at the new countertops

So, we finally picked up the new countertops for the RV before we moved to BC, but they were first in a moving trailer, and then in storage until today. So here they are! I’m very excited for the new updated laminate to go in.

They are full pieces without holes, and get cut afterwards when the proper measurements can be completed and I’ll use the old countertops as a template, however I’m thinking of changing out some things. I’m currently looking for a new sink and faucet for the bathroom, as well as a new sink for the kitchen. The kitchen isn’t that big of a deal and could use the same one we currently have, but I’d really like to change the bathroom out. I honestly don’t care much for how the thing is set up. It’s really not laid out for full time living in the RV.

People can handle a weekend, or so with such an awkward positioning to the sink and faucet, but full time, I found myself using the kitchen sink to wash my hands instead.

This is the new kitchen counter, and the table matches the design as well. It’s a laminate, but higher quality than the 36 year old stuff in there now. It’s also far better looking in my opinion. This stuff wasn’t cheap either. As it turns out, we chose the highest quality laminate, which is also why it took longer to get since it was a special order.

We also had the edges rounded better, and a bit of a larger lip on them. For the table, this means I’ll need to potentially increase the height of the seats to make it stay flat when it’s in the bed position. This is ideal for me anyways as sitting at the table to work was a pain. The current set up has the table higher up than the seat and my arms would start to ache from the weird lift I was doing. I was basically taking the cushion from the other seat and doubling up in order to make it more comfortable.


Since the seats only house the two fresh water tanks, there’s really no need to get in there very often, so adding some custom height won’t be a problem for us, nor any future owner.
The bathroom counter is a different design, as we wanted to change things up a bit with it being a separate room. It’s darker, and more marbled than the kitchen.


I’m considering some sort of bar sink, and potentially a gooseneck faucet so that it’s possible to wash your hands without dumping the water all over the counter, as that is what currently happens. I looked for RV faucets when I happened to be in Fraserway RV a couple months ago, and the ones that are in stock for RV’s are seriously cheap crappy plastic things that I wouldn’t want anywhere near my RV.
Overall, I’m quite happy that I didn’t get the counters before I left Alberta in March. If I had, these issues I have would have been made permanent into the new counters. After several months in the RV, I am able to see what works and what doesn’t.


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