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Eight months ago, Megan told me that she was thinking about joining an MLM called Younique. Having some rather vast experience in MLM’s, I was justifiably, very skeptical. However, I wasn’t about to dash my wife’s dreams. I gave her the eyebrow, and the, “Okay, but MLM’s are all pretty much crap for everyone except the people at the very top.”

You see, my experiences have been spending a lot of money, and being told the business model was recruiting my friends and family. In return, I could make a couple hundred dollars a month, all from people who wore suits and looked awesome, but refused to talk about what they actually make. Then, I would watch them hop on the city bus to go home.

Younique, actually surprised me. Megan bought her “Presenter’s Kit” for $119, which basically gave her a couple hundred dollars worth of makeup. If the MLM went no where, she still comes out ahead.

Instead, we saw real financial gains within her first month.

There was this one time where we were completely broke, thanks to some very unexpected expenses, and Megan began selling that day. Every sale she makes personally, pays her within three hours of the sale. By the end of the day, we went from having no money, to a couple hundred dollars in the bank.

No MLM that I have heard of, provides this kind of system. Younique is real. Younique really does pay.

Now, businesses of any kind are not a one person job. Megan and I are a team, and she can be successful on her own, but she’s far more successful when she has the support of her husband. There are so many people out there that for some unknown reason, try to dash the dreams of their partners. I can only attribute this to societies terrible mentality of “masculinity”. There is still some lingering attitude from the 1950’s that you are not a “man” if you’re not the one bring home the money and supporting your family.

I personally believe that many men, who have partners joining this amazing business, are attacking their partners ability to succeed, simply because of this ingrained idea.

So, tomorrow evening at 6pm PST (-8:00GMT), please join us on Facebook for a live video! Megan and I will be talking about the business, and supporting each others dreams.


If you’re interested in living a full-time lifestyle, and having a way to make money, this is it. Don’t miss our live broadcast!

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