Little slow down, but not permanent

A new job where I can’t have any personal tech while working (for security and confidentiality reasons), sporadic access to WiFi, and a shattered iPad screen have kept me from being able to post as often as I was. I’m hoping to get all that fixed up soon. Megan needs the laptop more than I do in order to work on her business (as it was her iPad that shattered).

We have an update however!

Starting in September, we will finally be heading to our first RV Park after spending the last few months parked at a family members home. Lots of little things kept us from being able to get on the road before now. This new job is paying less than I was making previously, but after a couple months of training, should pay a bit better. At least enough to live within our means. The fact that September marks the beginning of the slow season for RV parks in Canada, also means that monthly rent is very low as well. Affording us even more money to take care of ourselves.

It’s all about attitude, proper allocation of finances, and planning ahead that make this life enjoyable. Many Full Time RVers who are not retired, find additional sources of income that meet their needs, while not interfering with their lifestyle. As I am (slowly) building up my company, I need to find additional sources of income to augment our financial resources. Since we are planning on staying in one spot for the winter (with potential short excursions), taking on a full time job seemed to be the best approach.

We will be saving up and getting ready to properly travel next spring/summer!

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