I’m off this weekend!

It’s such a strange mix of excitement, fear, and sadness right now. I leave for Vancouver this weekend, and I’ll sadly be going out ahead of my family. I’m going to terribly miss them, but what needs to be done, needs to be done.

I just updated my wishlist with a few things based on this new RV, and what needs to be done to it to make it feel more like home, and make it tolerable for this family man that has to spend time away from that which he loves.

The plus side is that I can save money, and get into something bigger that will properly house my family, and I can work out some of the kinks of RV living in something bigger than my cherished old van before they join me.

I’m excited to have time to focus on my career and keep getting my certifications, which help me do a better job, and keep me making money to support my family. Eventually though, I’d like to get my webhosting to a point that it brings in enough to support RV living with only a little bit of work-camping or contract work if needed.

I’ll also have time to finish my webhosting site and my templates! With a very demanding toddler, this project has taken me well over a year so far. I’m getting close!

I’ll Skype with my family nightly as I can. There will be some days I can’t due to dinners with clients. Some nights where I’ll think I’m going to die because my partners decide to take me out and we drink into the wee hours. That happened a couple months ago, and I have not been that hung over in 20 years. It was brutal, trying to grab a water in between the drinks he was buying was just not happening for this guy.

It was a fun night though, and I’m sure I’ll have other nights like that.

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