More engine work ahead

When moving the RV to it’s current location, we had some hiccups, the major one being that an important wire burned through and melted. We were able to bridge the gap quickly enough to start and run the engine, but it ran terribly all the way here.

My mechanic friend stopped by to have a look, and the wire was so old and corroded that the copper was barely copper anymore. So, we have a new junction box on the way from that same RV we got the other parts from. As I said before, I am sure happy this is all happening now, and not once we’re on the road, and somewhere remote, or somewhere that it’s against the rules to work on the engine.

Otherwise, the RV has been great, and we are getting settled in. Miya is loving her loft, and has been rearranging her stickers. Mostly onto the window, but if that’s what makes her happy, then she can certainly do so! It is her space after all!

Both children have been sleeping really well over this past week, and I can only attribute it to all the fresh air they’re getting at the park, and at the beach. They’re doing really well with the noises from the road as well. It’s not too loud, but with the windows open, the riders on motorbikes that have a need to be heard from three blocks away are a real nuisance. Especially when they open the clutch right beside us. It’s not their fault, they have no idea that there are babies trying to nap, and they’re just out for a ride in this beautiful weather. I can’t fault them there. I’m more the silent type, I’d rather not be heard.

I’m starting a budget shortly as well, so stay tuned for more on that, as I’ll describe it in a new post!

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