Starting out, with children – what’s not told

As you know, we have two young children (3 and almost 1). Throughout all of my reading, not one blog really told me anything about how starting out could be. So, here I am to tell you!

It’s insane.

Now, I’m not telling you any of this to discourage you, just to prepare you, because it WILL get better.

Routines are uprooted, noise is more, and light will always be an issue. If you’re the type to use blackout blinds, stop. Immediately.

Rather than separate rooms, we all now share separate spaces, in basically one room. This means teaching Miya to use her inside voice, and learning to not do certain things during nap times.

Your kids will be stressed out the first while because things are different, you may have a baby that prefers to cry than sleep. It’s not because this was a bad choice, it’s because something big changed.

Then there is all that activity and fresh air. They’re may not be used to being outside doing activities every single day and while they love it, is tires them. Our kids have slept fully throughout the night for the past two days, which is a first for Liam. Still, it’s new to them, and they’ll be cranky about it.

You just may ask yourself if this was actually worth it, and you need to remember what I just said. It’s a break from routine, and everyone needs to adjust. Give it time, and a new routine will begin. A routine where the kids play outside daily, see new things, learn about different places, and naps are sometimes outside in the shade of an ancient tree that first sprouted before humans wandered onto the land, rather than in a bed.

They’ll adapt, as will you. Set your lives free.

Don’t give up.

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