More work on the RV

It’s such a strange thing how all these mechanical problems started cropping up just recently. 

We finally got the new signal switch installed, and prior to working on that,  we started up the RV to check out the wiring connection we recently fixed to make sure it’s still not heating up like it did before. Thankfully, it’s doing good, but we had a weird hiccup where the engine sputtered and then died. Now, turning the key to start produces a click, and nothing more.

We thought it may be a part of the starter relay and went out and bought the part, which still didn’t fix the issue. Now we’re looking into if the starter itself may have died. This RV is going to be basically brand new by the time we are done with it. 

As a side note as well, the lock is still broken. There were several suggestions to use JB Weld to repair it, especially since we only need it to work for a while until we can buy the replacement lock, which runs about $200. The JB Weld broke almost immediately, and I think it has to do more with the location of the breaks and that pulling the handle to open puts sideways pressure which is being held only by the JB Weld.

Back to the drawing board.

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