Nomadic Design – Officially launched!

I have been working on getting my website up and running for a while now, and I finally have it up! Nomadic Design offers website design, website hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Graphic Design! We’ll even take high quality pictures to add to your website!

Many know that I have been designing websites for some time now, but it was more of a hobby rather than a business. It occurred to me that I constantly take the wrong approach to money-making ventures by enjoying them as hobbies that I typically do for free. Even when I first got into the IT side of the business world, I did a lot of stuff for free, or in exchange for a dinner rather than a paying gig, which in of itself, did not land me many customers. It also takes far longer to complete a project as I must focus on an actual full time job elsewhere.

So, over the years, I’ve made a few websites that I no longer have access to, and cannot really claim credit to anymore. Many of the ones that I can do that with currently are personal sites, such as this blog and Megan’s Belladonna Beauties website. Each of which were hastily made as they needed to just get up, and in the case of this blog, do not make money, they are an online presence. Megan makes her money through social marketing, and the website allows her to direct visitors and provide them with information. The stats speak for themselves however as we get hundreds of hits a day on her website!

Now, I am currently in the works building a website for an animal shelter in Hungary, and a portfolio website for a Vancouver based actor. I have a proposal in that will start for a business here in Nanaimo later in the spring/summer if they choose to go forward as well! The business is very interested, but wants to put everything together, and when their budget permits, begin the project.

It’s absolutely exciting to finally look forward to building my business, and being paid for it, which allows me even more time to focus on the websites, rather than work a fulltime job and only get a couple hours a night to work on a website. It works great with our nomadic lifestyle as well, considering the work is all online, and can be done from anywhere! This means that we have the opportunity to visit new places while we work our respective businesses, and improve the web presence of other businesses!

Here’s to the future!

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