Tofino, BC Bound!

Last night, I had sent out several email requests to see if any campgrounds were looking for some seasonal staff that could “workcamp”. I happened across one RV Park on the east coast of Vancouver Island purely by chance as their website wasn’t showing up in Google search rankings. I literally found them because I was looking at the location of a different campground on Google maps, and saw their name. The website hasn’t been updated since 2011, and I just HAD to call them this morning to talk.

Sadly, it turned out I was a week too late, and they had just hired someone to revamp the website as they were new owners of the park. So, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask the owner if she happened to know of any other parks that may be looking for help. She in fact knew of two. One in Port McNeill (nearly the tip of the Island), and one in Tofino. I hadn’t even considered looking at Tofino in my searches because I figured that it being such a massively popular destination for campers and surfers, every RV park would be fully staffed already.

However, I decided to call them anyways, I introduced myself, and told them I was referred to them by another RV park. As we chatted a bit about my background, the owner quickly asks me if I happen to also do website design. As the last person that built their website about five years ago never provided them with proper access to the website, and stopped returning their phone calls. This is so not something any decent business person should ever do folks. However, I was taken back a bit as I had not expected the owner to be the first to suggest a website redesign! “Actually, yes I do!”

After the phone call at 10:30am, I sent her some information she requested, and I’ll admit that I was anxious as I waited for a response, and had to keep myself from calling her to make sure she had received my email. The very idea that I could possibly get work in Tofino of all places had, as I mentioned, never crossed my mind, and now I was very excited! She responded a few hours later requesting that I fill out an additional form for her and send it back at my convenience. I filled it out immediately, and sent it in, with my full resume, which of course is 100% technical (IT Security) based. I figured after sending, I would need to wait until tomorrow morning to hear anything back as the office closed at 6pm, and I had not heard anything back. Okay, potentially a sleepless night.

Shortly after 8pm, Megan runs into the living room, where I am relaxing watching a documentary, and the number displayed on the ringing phone in her hand was from Tofino! The owner and I chatted a bit more and I was offered a site for Monday morning! I get to work on the grounds for a few hours a day assisting where ever they need me, and we will sit down and discuss what is required for the website, draw out a contract, and I will be paid for my contract work!


Our family will be spending the season in one of the most beautiful areas of the island! Tofino has everything! When you stand on the beach and look out onto the ocean, the nearest landmass you’ll be looking at is Japan (not that you can see Japan mind you). We will get to witness spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, play and swim in the Pacific Ocean (rather than the Georgia Straight), learn to surf, paddle board, go fishing, catch dinner, stare at the stars on the beach on a hot summer night, storm watch, everything.

You can see the Milky Way according to the images I can see on the internet, however, none of them are labelled for reuse, so I won’t post them here. Google image search, “Tofino night sky” to get an idea. Hopefully I can get a few great shots to post once we’re there!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what dreams are made of.

It’s a three hour drive to get from Nanaimo to Tofino, and we’ll not be in any huge rush, we’re welcome to come earlier than Monday if we like, so we’ll be playing it by ear. For now, the mad dash to finish packing, and get the RV packed up so that we are able to head out! The cost of gas will be a little painful to fill a nearly empty RV and fill the truck, but between this contract, and a few others in the making over the coming months, we should have little trouble getting by.

Besides, life is about making memories, and what better way to make memories than this?

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