Our first nice day, and a walk along the beaches

Today was our first really nice day in Tofino since we arrived nearly a week ago. It is still the “winter” here, so lots of rain, and for this year in particular, lots of snow. We’ve broken both 20 and 40 year old records for snowfall this year in parts of the island. Next year should be much milder.

We took a walk along the beach, and with the tide out, we were able to get to one of the islands that are quite close into the shore. Walking up through some paths was a wonderful treat that brought us to the far side overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and the waves crashing below. It was quite a beautiful area.


It began to rain, and then snow later in the afternoon and evening, but the day was nice. We’re still waiting on internet by this point, and it’s getting rather stressful, as the local company here was purchased by TELUS, and apparently, everyone I speak to at TELUS has no idea about the area or company. No matter how often I tell them that they do not specifically service the area, and that it is this other company, they just keep trying to qualify the area as if TELUS is servicing the area.It’s rediculous.

Eventually, I’m cetain we’ll get the internet we need. There’s a possibility that Shaw might actually have some service according to one agent there, but I’m not holding my breath as a walk through town showed no “ShawOpen” Wifi.

Short posts right now until we get the internet. We’re still settling into our new surroundings, but the weather has not been cooperative and without the SUV, going places is not as easy.

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