We’ve had some variable weather the past few days here in Tofino. It slightly reminds me of Calgary in that we’ve been experiencing all four seasons in a single day. Yesterday, we woke to snow on the ground, then sun and warmth, and then rain, and then hail.

Good news though! We’ll finally have internet tomorrow! This past week going back and forth between TELUS and Moscan has been stressful. Moscan saying they’re not allowed to create new accounts now because TELUS has to do it, and TELUS telling me they have no idea what Moscan is talking about, and can’t see any service being available where I am.

Finally, I gave up, called Moscan again, and told them that with Megan and I working from home, being without internet for a week has cost us a lot of money just to have this back and forth.

The wonderful agent I spoke with at Moscan went ahead and got permission to create my account and now we will finally be able to work! My design business has been hurting without the internet, I can’t build my websites, and I’m missing a few tools for the graphic design part that have kept me at a standstill.

Today, we’re staying inside as even though it’s raining lightly; it’s very cold outside, so inside where we have the warmth is the best approach. Liam and Miya are great sports about it. Miya is happily playing on her tablet, and Liam plays where ever he wants.

Tomorrow, we’re heading into Tofino to get more propane and do some shopping. Since our SUV is still in Comox waiting on one last part to be replaced before it can pass the out of province inspection to get registered in BC, we’ll take the entire RV. That’ll be interesting!

We’re also looking into where we can forage for seafood, and the mussels at our beach are absolutely huge! Now to figure out if they’re that big simply because it’s all tourists here, or because we’re in a perpetual Red Tide area.

That’s always the biggest concern when it comes to foraging for your own seafood, watching for Red Tide, which affects all bi-valves (shellfish such as clams, mussels, and oysters). Crabs and fish are still safe in those areas however.

I’m also going to look into the best spots to get mushrooms, and hopefully there are some choice ones out here to eat!

Now that we will finally have internet, stay tuned for more regular posts!

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