Painting continues

I’ve been hard at work this weekend with prepping the RV walls. I’m going over everything with wood putty, covering holes and gouges, removing hardware and doors, and sanding. 37 years of use really takes its toll on an RV’s interior. The good thing about a wood finish is that many of those holes are mostly hidden, unless you know where to look.

With the paint I am using, these holes show up more readily, and need to be looked after right away. I found when I painted the entrance of the RV, that there were several staple holes i had missed, and now they’re quite apparent. I’m going to need to go back over them, and touch up the paint in that area. It has made sure that I pay closer attention on the rest of the RV.

So far, as I am doing this painting in sections, I have completed the entrance, and most of the kitchen. I still have the dining area, the bathroom, and my sleeping area to complete. The last part to complete after that will be the loft where my cat Loki, loves to lounge. He will be a tougher sell on staying away from there until the paint dries.

It’s truly amazing what a little paint can do for this place. It’s already brighter in the RV and I’m not even half way done with the painting. I’ve used a half gallon of paint already, and this tells me that i’ll be buying more paint on my next paycheque in order to finish up the base paint.

In the kitchen, I painted the wall the range is on, even though that will eventually be covered with a backsplash tile. I figure it might as well look good for now until I get the counters in, and the tile afterwards. The area that doesn’t get covered in tile will still need to be painted, so getting it done now is a good idea.

I’ve stopped for the night, but I still have a couple days in the long weekend to work on the RV, and even on my websites. Now, I’m sitting back, and watching some Netflix to relax, and dreading cleaning up the RV. Painting makes a heck of a mess between rags, used sandpaper, dust, and hardware all over the place….

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