Painting the RV

I was able to head out and pick up some materials for painting the other day, and I am painting in sections now. I bought CIL’s “City Song” paint. My lovely wife picked out the colour as being a guy, I’m a lot like Windows 3.1. I only see in 16 colours. haha

This paint is grey with a purple tint to it. Depending on the lighting, it can look more blue-grey. First, I’m painting everything this one colour, so it’s going to look rather boring and bland. Once it’s all dry, and the entire RV is painted inside, I can pick up the accent tone, which we’re currently thinking about using CIL’s “Cliffside” which is a darker grey.

Lots of prep work is being done on each section as I move through the RV. Removing all screws, and doors, adding wood putty to fix the amazing amount of holes there is. Seriously, you really don’t know how many holes there are until you start to try to cover them. 37 years of use adds a lot of holes for hanging things.

Afterwards, I taped off all the stuff I didn’t want painted, and got down to business. I started with the entrance walls, and then the next day, the wall where my closet and fridge are. Today, I’m painting doors for those walls.


Let me tell you, painting the weird pattern that was popular back in the 70’s is no easy task. This one closet door has taken me the better part of the day to paint and make sure there’s no runs.

This weekend is a four day weekend on account of Easter. Today is Good Friday, and Monday is Easter Monday. I’m quite happy for the longer weekend as I can actually work steady on the RV.

I’m quite thankful for a website called Songza while I do this. The radio in the RV is connected to the starting battery, so I don’t use it. Instead, I jump onto Songza online, and stream the music. The only issue is that the WiFi is spotty in the RV, thanks to being inside a big metal shell that scatters the signal.

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