Picking up the RV this Friday!

The time is fast approaching. I have 14 days until I leave for Vancouver. Originally, i was looking at the possibility of needing to wait until March 2nd to pick up the RV after the final cheque clears. My wife suggested that I ask to see if it would be possible to pick up sooner. I had my doubts, as technically, I won’t fully own the RV until that last cheque clears and I would be hesitant to hand over something without being fully paid for it as well…

Well, the answer will always be “no” if you do not ask. Thankfully, while the answer was a hesitant “no” to begin with, the seller (without me pushing I might add) said I could pick it up on Friday! Anton, if you’re reading this, you rock!

The big reason for seeing if I could pick it up sooner has to do more with my wife wanting to make it more “homey” before I head off. You know, add those feminine touches that will help make it more a home than just an RV.

While we plan on renovating the RV anyways, it will be nice to have a few touches of home in it right away. One thing which is awesome is that my wife works for a high-end countertop shop, and we are rebuilding all the counters in the RV before I even leave. We’re heading out to the RV tomorrow and taking the measurements she needs, and within a week, I should have the new counters for the bathroom, and the kitchen, as well as the sink cover, and the dining table.

We’ve opted for updated laminate. It’s light, modern, and the way it’s done these days, doesn’t have that crummy seam anymore. We’re going for a curved edge, and it’ll look more like natural stone. Once we get the new counters, we need to remove the old ones, and install the new. This will be interesting…

I’m planning on lots of pictures for this, so I may even set up a “Renovations” link on this blog to keep things tidy. Honestly, one thing that I always see is RV blogs with these awesome newer rigs, and it’s hard to not get discouraged when looking at my wallet, and thinking that I can’t afford to do this.

If I feel that way, I know there are others that do as well. I want to show that with some time and effort, any old RV can be made new again.

The other thing I am currently doing, is going through Amazon to buy several things I will need in the RV. I was fortunate enough to take some certification courses that actually paid me in Amazon gift cards for passing. So I have $400 from them to spend, and after going to Fraserway RV to get some information. I looked at prices and tried to see which will be the best option in saving money. A lot of things will come from Amazon, but there are a few things I’ll need in store. So far, I’m at $130, which would have been in total about $200 in store. I’m good with saving $70. I just have to deal with the inconvenience of both waiting for it to be shipped, and the possibility I don’t get it in time.

Worst case, my wife will have to ship it out to me.

I’m excited to get the RV, and start doing something awesome with it!

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