Date for the move has been set!

Getting back to the purpose of this blog, my work adjusted my move date for me in order to allow adjustment due to the circumstances that happened with two deaths within a week of each other in my family.

They were thinking about allowing me to move out anytime in March that I felt would be good. I need a good distraction and moving closer to where my clients are as well as family, I’m moving in the first weekend of March.

My wife and daughter will follow later on. At least, that’s the plan currently. With my wife’s pregnancy, she changes her mind daily. lol I’m sad that I will be leaving my family behind, even for a short time and I will miss snuggling with my daughter. However, I am excited about getting into the RV, and travelling to Vancouver.

My travel plans are still tentative, but I may leave Friday, or possibly Saturday. A weekend of travelling to BC will be the very first time that I have taken more than one day to travel 1300km into the province and my destination. I plan on perhaps two stays, depending on when I leave. We shall see. Now, this being the internet, I’ll post about those locations and stays later on. 😉

My wife is looking forward to sprucing up the RV for me, and making it more “home”. I am looking forward to updating the RV personally. New lighting, new curtains, new flooring to replace the peeling laminate, and new batteries to start. Eventually, new countertops, new bathroom, solar panels.

I think the curtains and the laminate will be the primary fixes. I only have the typical plastic blinds you see in houses. I would like some blackout blinds as well as more updated blinds or curtains. As for the laminate that is peeling, there was no soft spots in the floor. From what I have read, the glue used with laminate has a tendency to break up in winter temps, and separate. As it only appears to be coming up on the sides, I have to suspect that this is the case.

Moving to Vancouver where it is much warmer, I think I’ll have less trouble with peeling. I suppose we shall see come next winter.

I’m excited to get solar working on the RV, and eventually I’ll have the ability to properly boondock in some of the amazingly beautiful areas in BC. Most of the province is what is called “Crown Land”, or owned by the government, well… more accurately, the Crown (aka The Queen). In the United States, the equivalent would be called “BLM” land. The only rules are no trace, and limited time. No more than I believe, two weeks… However, just like anything, you can stay as long as you like if no one complains. Not that I want to do that.

I still need access to the internet!

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