Plenty of Rain – Plenty of being cooped up

One of the largest drawbacks to fulltime RVing can be bad weather. When there is bad weather, and the area you are located in is built on the outdoor activities, you end up staying inside more often. When you do get out, you get wet, the kids get wet, especially if there is a puddle anywhere nearby for them jump in.

Thankfully, with having the internet finally installed, we spend our time working, watching education shows through a variety of sites, and staying dry and warm inside.

We battened down the hatches the other day and drove into Tofino to the CO-OP grocery store. While things are still very expensive, they are far cheaper there than any of the small stores along the way.

We did run out of time due to a late start for getting our laundry done at the laundromat sadly, which has forced us to do the laundry at the campsite. It’s very expensive, and very small. The washer costs $3 per load, and can house half of a normal washer, and the dryer is $2 per dry, which only lasts 30 minutes. Since it’s pretty normal for clothes to take an hour, that’s running it through twice in the dryer.

For those keeping count, a single, half load of clothes costs $7, which is completely unsustainable for a family. It’ll be great when we are able to get our SUV back, as it won’t be such a tedious task to go into town for anything. It basically needs a solenoid replaced, and should be able to pass it’s out of province inspection.

Once we get that back, we’ll be able to not only run into Tofino when needed, but we’ll be able to check out Ucluelet, and drive the Port Alberni for better priced groceries, and other items that are completely unavailable except through online purchases here.

Today, we also cleaned up a bit in the RV, and moved a few things around to see if it would add more space. We were able to open up a couple feet by simply changing the way some trucks were positioned, opening up extra room for shoes that were starting to pile up on the step. An added side effect of moving the trunk was that we are able to more easily block off the cab of the RV, which is used for storage of extras, and our laundry hamper as well.

That’s about all for today, Megan is busy working on her business, and I am prepping for a chat with a potential client this evening for some website design, as well as continuing working on some graphic design for some business cards that needed to be put on hold while we prepped for moving, then waiting on internet and finally, settling into our new groove.


4 thoughts on “Plenty of Rain – Plenty of being cooped up”

  1. Good news, changed the sprayer, it works good now, topped up the oil, it was down two liters, cleared the codes and ran the engine for a bit then turned it off and restarted even drove it around the block and no codes reappeared. O2 sensors are used by the computer to sense when the engine is at low power and cylinders should be shut down and low oil quantity will also latch the code as oil is used to shut down the lifters. we are going to schedule another inspection this week so hopefully we have everything!

  2. Did some more research on the solenoid and it turns out that the O2 sensors can have an effect on this code. My buddy Carl is home on Sunday so I can borrow his code reader to clear them and check it again and Dodge here can have a solenoid in a day, so hopefully by Sun/Mon I should have a good idea what we need. Also found a sprayer nozzle so will change that this weekend too.

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