Really Mother Nature? Really?

Ugh. Yesterday, I had looked at the weather to see what it was like in Nanaimo, Tofino, and in between so we could get an idea of what the drive will be like. Sunny and warm in all areas along our route.

Today, there’s a weather advisory… So, the East side of the Island is about to get hit by snowfall (This has been a really terrible year), and it’ll be anywhere from 5cm – 15cm of snow. To get to Tofino, we drive through mountains. Our plan was to leave tomorrow morning, but now we’ll need to play it by ear. I’m unfamiliar with the route, and I don’t want to take any chances. The road should be good, as the province takes pretty good care of it considering it’s the only road in or out of Tofino.

Worst case, we get put back a day, maybe two.

The weather looks good in Tofino though, so if we can get out, we won’t need to deal with the snow for very long. The tires on the RV are in great condition, so we’re good there too. It’s just the unfamiliarity of the road that concerns me. You can only get so much of an idea from Google.

Our trip takes us from Nanaimo

Through Port Alberni

And finally, into Tofino


Apparently, the worst area may be around Port Alberni, and of course, it’s a long winding road, so we’ll see. It’s a three hour drive under normal conditions, and that would be a bit longer in an RV, and with possible snow on the road, a bit longer still. Good thing we’ll be able to pull over if needed and have a bite to eat, and let the kids use the potty without needing to get out!

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