So, we have a plan.

Previously, I mentioned that with the new baby boy coming soon (six weeks!) and the current RV being far too small for a family that we would be setting up shop in an actual stick and brick. not my favourite idea, and I’m a little defeated because of it, but logic and reason are that we do this.

We’re renting a house in Nanaimo, BC for a year long lease, and thankfully, my wife’s mother is offering $5000 towards rent which is $200 shy of four months rent now that she’s sold the house in Calgary. I’m still hesitant until we actually see the money in our account as she like to change her mind a lot.
In that year, we’re planning on aggressively saving so that we can put down a decent downpayment on a fifth wheel that will house our family.

My wife mentioned to me the other day that she had anxiety about the idea of even buying a house, knowing that both her and I don’t like being stuck in one spot for a long time, and that buying a house would cement us to a specific location.

So, the new plan is to buy the fifth wheel we like, a bunkhouse model, and stay where ever the hell we feel like it. She’s been sharing posts on Facebook about families doing the same, and living better than they did in their “American Dream” lifestyles with mountains of debt.

I’m excited about it as I really don’t want to go back into an S&B.

We’ll see how it all goes.

For the meantime, renovations on the RV will continue as I still want it to look awesome, and I REALLY want to get those new countertops in.

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