Settled into our S&B

It’s been two weeks now since we moved into our rented S&B (Stick & Brick) and we’re getting settled. I still have some things to grab from the storage unit, but we’re almost fully moved in.

Megan and I were talking about our plans the other day, and we think we may have something set up. It’s just a matter of getting the budget in order, getting the debt’s paid off, and saving at the same time.

I’m opening up an account with Tangerine, which is an online bank, similar to our Presidents Choice bank account. There’s no fees, so we are already saving money that way. The good thing about these banks, is that we can create as many accounts as we like. So, I’ll be creating a “rent” account, which will be able to still transfer money to and from without a wait time. This way, when we look at our bank account, we don’t see that money, and there’s no accidentally spending some of that money on other things, thus falling short on our rent.

Same goes for a “bills” account. Thankfully, the only bill we pay in this S&B is our internet/cable bill. The rest of the utilities are paid for in our rent.
The current plan (and I say “current” because Megan changes her mind often) is that we will be saving for our bunkhouse fifth wheel.
I’m also still working on getting my web hosting up and running, but it’s a slow process as I need to buy no less than 150 additional domain names before I can launch. This will prevent me getting screwed over by some jerk who decides to buy some before I can, just to sit on them, and demand $1000+ per domain name. Which would effectively kill my business plan. (No, I can’t tell you the type of domain names I need to buy)
Slow and steady. That’s the name of the game…

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