T-minus 32 Days to launch!

Today, we gave notice to our very cool landlord that we will be vacating for May 1st, 2016.

It’s real. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

We’re also returning our Alberta bought SUV to save an additional $450/mth on top of the $1300/mth in rent, and $120 in internet and cable. For those counting, we’re cutting costs by $1870/mth right off the bat.

The extras come in now as well. I have one more thing to fix in the engine of the RV which is minor before I register and insure it here in BC, where it was last actually registered and insured. Who knows how many years that has been.

My wife has a friend who’s husband is a mechanic, and he’s helped me get it fixed. Which I am so grateful for. We changed the seals, and oil, and in doing the seals, discovered that one of the push rods was so badly bent, he wanted to keep it. It was twisted like an “S” when it’s supposed to be straight. That’s not a good thing, and it’s great I discovered it, because it would have destroyed the engine if left.

It also explains the backfiring I would occasionally get. So happy to have it replaced, and it was only $6, to save me several thousand.

I have the flooring in as well, but I need to get the trim done yet. Thankfully, that is minor, and can be done while we are in the RV.

The last part preventing us from move in ready is the sink. The connections are weird, and I may need to do some fixing. One of the plastic coupler’s is a tad stripped. It’s more because I can’t get the stiff copper pipe to adjust right. It’s ribbed to be flexible, and movable, but it just won’t align right for the cold water. I’m taking it in tomorrow to see if I can swap it out, or get an updated stainless steel flexible pipe to replace. I certainly need to replace the faucet as that crappy copper pipe is actually welded in place. Seriously, RV’s in the 70’s were made without any consideration to improvements ever being made. Almost like the expected these things to be disposable.

Tomorrow, I head to the storage place, rent a unit for the stuff we’re not giving up just yet. We’re planning for the worst and hoping for the best. If it turns out that my wife hates this lifestyle, we’ll still have furniture to go back to.

We’re on our way in a month.

We’re not sure yet where exactly we’ll go first. We’re playing with staying in Nanaimo, or driving north to Tofino. Only time will tell.

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