The hunt for that perfect home

I have to say, looking for what we need at a price we can afford is not that easy. There are a LOT of RV’s for sale that are basically weekender models, and then there are what we would like, but it’s not a four season model (meaning that there isn’t any insulation or heated tanks).

We’re not really planning on being up here in Canada during the winter, but there will be times that we’ll need it anyways. I once was camping, went to bed in 25C weather, and woke up to a foot of snow around my tent. Was not pleasant…

I’m also working on fixing my credit. See, I still have not recovered fully from the economic crash in 2009. Then, just trying to live and pay those bills is killing me. It’s another reason that this will be great, less living expenses, so more to the debt! Even if after all this work, we decide that a year is enough, we’ll have paid a good amount of the debt, and experienced some great places.

I’m trying to sell a whole bunch of stuff, and I really hope that I can get enough to place a decent down payment on the trailer we want. Aside from random household things, I even have servers for the computer people out there! All in excellent condition, but the ones with hard drives have had Dban run on them.

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