The journey continues

We have been selling off our “stuff” for a bit now, and we have a few hundred dollars in a jar now. We’re still selling stuff, and we’re not in any rush. We’ve had people contact us looking for a 75% discount on what we are selling, and we don’t even need to respond. We are not in any rush.

Seriously people, if something is worth $200 in the store, and I’m offering it for $100, and you offer me $25… you can go… well, you get the idea…

We’re all about helping people get ahead, but we’re not about doing that while putting ourselves behind. Get a clue, and quit being so fucking cheap. I don’t spends thousands on stuff, just to give it away for free when I decide to embark on a new journey.

Here is the deal, we are trying to save enough from selling our stuff to put a good down payment on our new home. We are not asking for a lot when it comes to what we have. Hell, I have an unopened router table that I looked up the price and decided that I would cut that price. It’s brand new, and never used, and I still have people thinking they can get an extra deal by offering less than half of what I ask.

I expect some bargaining, but do not come to me saying that you’ll offer me $25 for something I’m asking $125 for.

Go screw yourself.

If you’re reading this after coming from one of my ads, consider yourself warned that I’ll laugh at you if you’re a douche. Hell, I might even post your lame offer here.

If I ask $100 for something, don’t even consider it a possibility that I’ll take anything less that $75, if I’m being generous.

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