The new home

So we traded my beloved van today to a wonderful young couple who had a 24′ trailer that was too big for them. While I am sad to see the van go, I’m excited for the new journey! There’s some work to do on the trailer, but it’s not really bad. Then there is all the updating that my wife wants to do. Me, I’m on board for the updates, and I’m also going to update the electrical. Replace the lights with LED’s and set up a swivel for our computer monitor that will serve as the TV.

I have a Raspberry Pi computer that will work wonders with it, and external hard drives for our media. Netflix will be great! With a swivel we can watch from the couch or from the dinner table.

So here is our future home! It is still more or less going to be temporary as we save to pay cash for a bunkhouse model, which we should be able afford in six months or so as long as I have steady work and no more budget cuts…

Here’s the outside. I was filling up air in the tires, just to be safe. They were a little low, but not bad.

The kitchen! Dual sink, four burner range, and an oven. We’re on the lookout for one that has the oven below as we think this is a weird set up.

From the door looking forward. The table drops into a bed, as does the cabinets above the couch, and of course, the couch does too.

These chairs are super comfy. Like, I could spend my days relaxing in these… (and I just noticed my butt is hidden in this picture too… sorry folks…)

Bathroom is a mess right now, so I won’t be posting that. haha

I’m honestly excited about this new trade. I think it was worth it for both parties.

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