Taking a look at a travel trailer this weekend

Chatting through email back and forth and as I mentioned previously, we’re hoping to trade up to a bigger travel trailer. We found one online and after getting some pictures, we’re going to go have a look at it.

It comes with a bit of damage, but it’s more or less a temporary home until we can save up for our bunkhouse trailer. Two windows were broken in a hail storm that occurred a couple months ago and have had plastic put over them. Windows are relatively cheap, and the roof sprung a leak in the bathroom which has since been patched. Just need to replace the insulation and the board for the ceiling.

These are decent projects for the winter time here. Great thing is that where we are currently living, we should be able to back the trailer into the garage and close the door. Work on it inside away from the snow! It’s 24 feet long, and from what I have learned of other fulltime familes, that’s larger than what some are in with larger families.

We’ll see how this works, and if we take it, I’ll post pictures.

Here’s hoping.

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