The race is on

Recently, I lost my job due to budget cuts. It sucks. I haven’t been on EI since I was 19 with no skills. It does however, present an opportunity.

We’re still selling off our stuff, and it’s honestly a pain in the backside. I post something, and get questions about it, and have to try and figure those questions out. Some of the questions, I should have known would be asked, and posted them when I made the ad, but I didn’t, so that’s my fault.

Currently, I’m scouring Kijiji looking for something more financially reasonable for us to at least start out in as I had mentioned in this post. It’s amazing just how many tent trailers, and fifth wheels are on there. We need a bumper pull, and we’re hoping to grab one that is no less than 20 feet long. I don’t have a truck, but I do have a Dodge Durango with a Hemi. Basically, I can pull 8950lbs with an SUV, making a bumper pull a solid option without having to get rid of our vehicle.

I found an ad today that the seller mentioned that their trailer is just too big for the two of them. It’s only a couple grand, but I figured, why not just ask? Worst they can do is say no. So I emailed wondering if they’d be willing to trade for my van that I love so much. It would give them something smaller, and the ability to keep camping.

My wife and I were talking again last night, and I started running some numbers…  Even if we had to get into something small to begin with, we could after four or five months afford to buy the trailer we like in cash. Not too shabby. It means staying in the camper at a grounds near the city so I can still work daily if I get something that requires me to be in the office.

Having responded to that email, I think that today, I am going to get the van cleaned up and cleaned out (it’s been more or less storage recently). Then put it up on Kijiji as a trade for something bigger, you never know unless you ask!

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