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Well, I have been steadily reading for two days now about a musician who took to the roads in 2009, and still blogs near-daily. Great read, and some of the posts are fantastic, so much so that I want to direct my fellow readers over to them as well.

This guy Glenn, writes well, and posts lots of pictures of his travels. I really like that. I’ve been looking for ages for a blog or website, anything really, that really detailed the life of a vandweller. Now, his home is far superior to mine, and having seen the inside of his old van in this post, I think I want to gut mine, and revamp it. I can’t possibly afford to buy a new one, or even a used one right now, as I have exactly zero funds, and none to save up for the foreseeable future either. Modifying mine van is my best option, unless I get lucky.

One question I get a lot from people I meet is a common question to anyone who fulltimes in a van, car, rv, etc. “Where do you park at night?”

Glenn also sees things in a similar perspective to myself in regards to living stealth, or being an obvious RV.

And finally, a nice little post about those jokes I always get about living down by the river.

The Falcon (Glenns van) is longer than mine, but the way it’s set up, it looks as though the bathroom takes up that extra space, but the van still appears to have a more spaciuos feel to it. Yes, it’s a given that things will have changed between 1978 and 1993, but still. I was thinking about doing a revamp prior to finding his blog, and now I really want to get renovating.

Sadly, the follwer widget seems to be messed up for me, and I can’t follow his blog as the template he’s using has killed those nifty little options at the top that you see on my blog (and almost everyone elses). I did have one blog template that did the same, and changed because I didn’t like that I couldn’t click the “new post” at the top right.

Plenty more reading to do, but for now, it’s my weekend starting right away, and I want to enjoy it. Have a great weekend all!

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