When it rains, it pours…

We just left my parents yesterday after spending a week with them after my sisters death. I just got a message from my mom that my grandfather passed away an hour ago. Two deaths in my family within a week of each other… Wow.

I seriously cannot handle anymore death. I cannot mentally, nor emotionally have another death in my life after this. At least with my grandfather, we all knew it was coming, so it’s not as much of a shock as my sister.

These deaths, in two different provinces and the entire travel experience of this past week is solidifying the decision to go full-time. I drove straight from Calgary to Comox. Leaving at 5 am MST, and arriving in Comox at 9:30pm PST. The costs go beyond just the travel, and into the time off work, and comfort as well. We are staying at families places, and planning our trips and trying to make sure that we have enough money to get back. Then we need to make sure that we have enough to get us through until our next pay period.

Going full-time would have allowed us to make the trip and not rush, as well as decide when and where we are working. it would also allow us to not put people out of sorts with taking up room they may not have.

I’ve been watching the Gone with the Wynns videos, and several others over the past while, and the big thing with these is that they have awesome rigs, and the means to travel. That got me thinking, we don’t, and we don’t have a lot of money to spare on buying a big rig. I think this is another reason why not as many people move to this lifestyle, especially young people.

Well, it could almost be a “Keeping up with the Jones'” scenario, just in RV form. Why should it be that way? Why can’t we start small, and work our way up? I’ve never seen anything online showing people going through the steps of starting small, and getting bigger.

This blog is going to go that route now. Stay tuned for new posts within a month, and building a new life.

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