Working things out

It’s been two weeks since my sister passed away, and less than a week since my grandfather passed away as well. I tell ya, these types of things are what really make you thing about what is going on in your life, and what is important.

My wife is having similar processes running through her mind as well. For her, it’s more the affect of my sister passing away, and leaving behind a little girl who turns four in five days. We have our children, and we would never want anything to happen that could potentially have them growing up without us. 
Originally, the plan was that I was going to move into the RV and work in Vancouver while saving and searching for a place for us all to live. Including my eldest son who is currently living with my parents, so that we are not shuffling him around constantly while we get things sorted out. My wife and daughter were going to stay here with her mother until the time was right, which would allow my wife to keep working, and have the support of her friends while I am away in another province, 12 hours drive away.
My sisters death has affected my wife in such a way that she’s no longer interested in going back to work. She is obviously currently working, but she thinks that she should stay home with our daughter, and the little one that is on the way, and due in July.
The idea that we were entertaining before all this happened was that my wife didn’t want to continue working after our second child, as neither of us really wants our children to be raised by strangers, with a strangers values rather than our own being imparted on our children.
So, my wife has made the decision to move with me to Vancouver next month when I go. This also means that we’ll save money more as her mother is rather greedy and has us not only paying rent, but ALL of the bills in her home. Did I mention that her mother has been mortgage free since the house was built? My wife’s father paid it all off right away, and left it to her when they divorced. 
She knew we needed a place to live so we could save money to move, and this was her deal. So far, we have saved a grand total of zero dollars thanks to this arrangement as good ol’ mom is as bad as a teenager when it comes to lights now that someone else is footing the bill. Oh, we’re also buying all the food.
I could go on for hours about the insanity that follows this woman around, but I’ll leave it there, and say that everything that has happened recently, coupled with the stress that the mother causes daily has my wife as eager to move away as I am.
Now that I have digressed so much, lets get back on track.
I also find my zeal for working to be quite lacking, and I’d rather do something that allows me to make money doing what I enjoy and be with my family. Make my own hours, and not be as concerned about the results being dependent on specific clients.
I’d like to earn a residual income, and it doesn’t need to be huge. Enough to cover the bills, and I can do other things as well. I’m currently working on a website in my (very limited) spare time for web hosting, and that can bring in a little additional money. I am currently building the hosting site to be targeted at a specific group of people, but I want to expand as well. I don’t think I’ll ever be as big as the big guys like GoDaddy, but I’d like to earn a little.
I could provide the website, but it’s nothing more than an “Under Construction” page right now as I build the site. I’m doing it by myself, and I have other responsibilities that take precedence…
So, for me, the search is on to find a good set of things I can do to bring in that little extra bit of money. Any ideas are appreciated!

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